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Natural Ways to Pass a Drug Test

Company Facts

We have been making and selling Industry approved Health Food Products since 1993. We sell 100% all Natural Herbal Detox products for Blood, Urine, Saliva, Patch, Random and Hair Follicle drug testing.
We offer 8 different "same-day" products for a quick solution so
you can Pass a Drug Test in less than an hour. We also offer our Toxin Wash Herbal Detox Shampoo to Pass all Hair Follicle Drug Tests. Try our Total Body Detox for complete cleanse

Do you want to know how to pass a drug test and prevent the detection of drugs in your system?


Pass a Drug Test Naturally

We have formulated an all natural product that completely eliminates toxins and drug metabolites from the body, including from the fat (lipid) cells. This product will eliminate all toxins foreign to the human body. Once you complete this system and test negative with our test kits, you will stay clean till the next encounter. You can "Truly Detox" your body of all marijuana metabolites and drug residue permanently and Pass any Drug Screen  with the our Total Body Detox System. "4 Day TOTAL BODY CLEANSING DETOX PROGRAM" that really works and is fully Guaranteed.

Return Policy
All requests for refund must be received no later than 30 days from your order date. Nothing will be refunded if the package has been opened. No exceptions!
All returns are subject to a 25% processing and handling  fee.
No shipping refunds will be granted due to adverse weather conditions.

Home Test Kits
Even though our Test Kits are the best money can buy and they are most accurate drug testing kits on the market, we do not give refunds on our Home Test Kit results or give replacements on products because of them, they are for informational purposes only

Product Guarantee
Guarantee for Same day Products
The same day products are 100% Guaranteed!  We Guarantee, when taken as directed you will achieve your desired results. We Guarantee all products are made from the highest quality Vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Failed Test Policy
We will need a copy of a unsatisfactory or positive report with purchasers name or I.D. number from a certified Laboratory or Employer and a proof of purchase to obtain a full refund.

Guarantee for The Total Body Detox
Once you have done enough of the Total Body Detox, based on your body weight and past usage history, and you test Negative for all substances with our test kits, we guarantee that you can pass any blood or urine drug test in the country and you will stay clean forever or till the next encounter.

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