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To purchase products or request more information, call us at:

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Sat 12 - 3PM PST

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We answer Email 7 days a week 24 hours a day!!!.
Shipping Cut Off Times
Overnight By - 7:00 pm EST
2nd Day By  - 7:00 pm EST
3 day & Ground By - 4:00 pm EST
Friday Pickup for Saturday Delivery must be in by 7 PM EST for this service..
Saturday Pickup for Monday Delivery Orders must be in by 12 PM EST for this service. 
Please read the Guarantee before ordering.

Guarantee / Return Policy

Return Policy
As of 01/01/06 due to changes in various State and or Federal laws. We will no longer be able to accept return on products purchased. There have been rulings handed down around the country, that now will not permit the return of food stuffs, which these products are classified as. We are sorry for this, but it is out of our control. So as of 01/01/06 there will be no refunds given of any kind.

Shipping Policy

We or any affiliates make no guarantees on any shipping what so ever. Once the product has left our business we have no control over it at all. Any questions about your shipment should be taken up with the shipping company you requested. We DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES!

All shipments with UPS are fully traceable and fully insured. Any lost or damaged product shipped with UPS will be refunded or replaced by UPS on their conditions. Just call for the tracking number and your package will be found or refunded by UPS according to their restrictions and conditions. Very fast recovery of funds with this option.

If your package is lost due not get overly excited, UPS is excellent at finding and getting you your package.

Guarantee for Same day Products
The same day products are 100% Guaranteed!  We Guarantee, when taken as directed and with-in the limits of body weights and usage history, you will achieve your desired results. We Guarantee all products are made from the highest quality Vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Failed Test Policy
We will need a copy of a unsatisfactory or positive report with purchasers name or I.D. number from a certified Laboratory or Employer and a proof of purchase to obtain a full refund.

Guarantee for The THC Maxout
Once you have done enough of the THC Maxout based on your body weight and past usage history, and you test Negative for all substances with our test kits, we guarantee that you can pass any drug test (except hair) in the country and you will stay clean forever or till the next encounter

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