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 Pass Random drug Tests

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Magnum Detox Carbo Drinks

 Work in 90 minutes

The Eliminator is our newest series of One-Hour Advanced Formula Carbohydrate Detox Drinks.

Fast & convenient when you want a DetoxEliminator Carbo Drink drink with quick cleansing power on a very short notice, this is the ideal choice. Simply drink and urinate, and you're clean after one hour with a clinically-proven cleansing power for up to five - full hours. $24.95 Buy Detox Drinks Now


 Carbo Drink

Magnum Detox Drink is a masking product that holds the toxins in your body allowing you to pass a urine drug test easily.Pass Many toxins are stored in the fat cells of the body and are released when fat cells are burned. This product stops those Toxins from being expelled from the body.

This product only works for urine drug tests (99.94% success rate for Marijuana Metabolites and 97.2% for Chemicals such as Cocaine or Opiates.

The difference
This is the quickest most economical and  convenient way to get ready for your next drug test. If your in a real hurry,  take a Magnum Detox Treatment you will be clean in less than 1 hour. Not only will your test be clean the first time, but if you have to retest with-in 5 hours, you'll be covered. You never know when they're going to drop or lose your sample. Order by 2 pm EST and your order will be shipped the same day.

Eliminator Detox is a "thin", pre-mixed, easy to drink nutritional supplement specially formulated to aid your body's natural ability to eliminate unhealthy toxins, pollutants and unwanted substances

Eliminator Detox removes Marijuana Residue from the kidney's, before entering the urine tract, thus allowing you to pass your urine drug test. Our Drug Detox Drinks work 99.94% of the time for THC Marijuana and 97.2% for Chemicals.

Guaranteed clean for 5 hours! Removes all THC marijuana toxins. Just follow the directions on the detox bottle and in 90 minutes your urine will be toxin free for a 5 hour period. Pleasant taste and 99.99% success rate for marijuana drug tests. Light users 4-6x a week. Real heavy smokers may want to do 2 units just to be sure.
  1. At least 48 hours prior to drinking the detox drink product avoid alcoholic beverages and unnecessary medications. Also drink six to eight 12-ounce glasses of water per day.
  2. Three hours before consuming this product eat a light meal (dry toast, cereal, crackers, peanut butter).
  3. One hour before you consume this product drink two 12-ounces servings of water.
  4. Shake bottle of the Eliminator Detox and consume.
  5. Over next 30 minutes drink 16 to 20 ounces of water.

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